Oran Park Media Kit

Logo use


Below outlines the rules for use of our logo. Here, we cover the use of the masterbrand logo as well as alternative
logo formats that should be used when co-branding the Oran Park alongside other brands or companies.

Minimum logo size

To ensure brand visibility, the logo should never be used in smaller sizes than recommended here.

An amended version of the horizontal logo named ‘small use logo’ is also available for use in rare cases where the logo has to be reduced below the minimum size e.g. for digital banners.

Stacked (primary) lockup

35mm W

Horizontal (secondary) lockup

50mm W

Small use logo (restricted use)

46mm W

Co-branding logos

When Oran Park is used as a secondary logo, it can be removed from the logo block lockup. However, the logo must be placed on a solid colour background.

Co-branding example

Logo proportions

When co-branding a piece of collateral, a general guide is to keep the same X-height amongst logos, but due to the Oran Park logo block commanding dominance, there are times when the partner logo’s X-height may have to be slightly larger.

It is at the designer’s discretion to determine the best proportion to provide a balanced weighting, keeping clear space in mind.

Same X-Height

Similar X-Height

Incorrect logo usage

The following examples show incorrect usage of the Oran Park logo and brand.

Thank you!

If you need to make use of our brand in a way not covered here, please contact us at marketing@greenfields.net.au and include a visual mockup of intended use.